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How our dry cleaners work

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Gather your clothes together and place an online order through our website

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Our driver will pick up your order on the day and time of your choice

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We dry clean and iron your garments at our own facility

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We deliver your clothes perfectly ready to wear

Our services

At Prime Time Cleaners, we make sure that you get nothing short of the best from our end. We keep customer convenience at the top of our service priority list.

We are in this business
for more than 25 years, and
have experience from Europe,
where we originally began.

If you are looking for
reliable New Jersey dry
cleaners, we can offer you
more than just cloth cleaning.

Welcome to Prime Time Cleaners

Prime Time Cleaners is a business that provides high quality dry cleaning services and takes care of customers. We are trying to be a modern dry cleaners by using Hydrocarbon solvent (it's more Eco- friendly), for the cleaning of delicate garments, and the most modern Japanese system in Wet cleaning.

Our professional staff will take care of your clothes and remove almost any stain. Each item of clothing is treated as VIP status.

At Prime Time Cleaners, we make sure that the appeal of your costly garments does not get reduced while removing the stains or cleaning them thoroughly. We deploy only the best and the latest technology to make sure that the luster of your garments remains intact even after several cleanings.

Why you should choose our Eco Friendly Dry Cleaners

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Pick up and delivery dry cleaning service

Our Jersey City and Hoboken locations, along with pick-up and delivery provide Five Star service. Contact us today to schedule a pick-up!

Green eco-friendly dry cleaners

Advances in organic technology of dry cleaning has allowed us to handle your garments with greater care towards both customers and the environment.

We are
the best choice

We are the best choice in Jersey city, Hoboken, Newport, Union City, North Bergen, Weehawken, and Secaucus for a range of dry cleaning services. We service everything from standard clothing items to specialty fabrics.

Same day
dry cleaning

All dry cleaning is done at our own factory, which gives us an opportunity to provide same day service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team consists of duly trained, skilled, and experienced cleaning professionals. These people know that different materials require different approaches for being perfectly cleaned. So, you can rely on us for getting your garments cleaned irrespective of the materials they are made up of.

Some of the materials we have cleaned so far include silk, cotton blend, cotton, linen, satin, rayon, acetate, twill, lyocell, spandex, and more.

  • What happens if you place an online order, pay with your cc and we will not pick up your order?

    For your first order with us you can choose an option to pay by cash. After you place an order you always can contact us to make sure we received it. We also have a physical address of our dry cleaners.

  • What happens if we pick up your order and never deliver it back to you?

    We have been a well established business since 2017. Our business goal is to increase the quantity of regular customers. We have a physical address where we do all dry cleans, so you can always visit our factory in person. You can find our addresses in Contacts tab,

  • What happens if you receive a damaged item from us?

    We always check items before cleaning and letting customers know about any damages. If we damage your item we will let you know and try to cover your expenses. Since our open 2017 it happens only a couple items because all work is done by professionals.

  • What happens if we do not remove stains from your garments?

    Items with stains that can not be removed will have a special tag with a note from us. If we miss a stain we will do it again with no additional charge.