Dry Cleaning Services

We offer the most comprehensive dry cleaning services to people in New Jersey. We started our journey more than 25 years back and since then have been operating at one of the most trusted dry cleaners in this part of the world.

Why Should You Use Our Dry Cleaning Services?

Unlike most of our rival groups, our dry-cleaning services are done using 100% non-odor, non-toxic, and non-hazardous cleaning substances.

The experience we have gathered over the past two and half decades allows us to clean even the toughest stains without any hindrance. The non-water-based organic solvents we use during the cleaning process are instrumental in removing stains, dirt, dust, and soil from clothes.

Our team consists of duly trained, skilled, and experienced cleaning professionals. These people know that different materials require different approaches for being perfectly cleaned. So, you can rely on us for getting your garments cleaned irrespective of the materials they are made up of. Some of the materials we have cleaned so far include silk, cotton blend, cotton, linen, satin, rayon, acetate, twill, lyocell, spandex, and more.

Top 6 Steps We Adopt For Dry Cleaning Your Clothes

Step 1: We’ll arrive at your place within 24 hours of receiving your call. You can tell us your preferred time so that we can schedule the visit accordingly.

Step 2: Our representative would visit your place to collect the clothes at the scheduled time. We’ll pack the dirty clothes securely and bring them to our cleaning facility.

Step 3: The cleaning experts will inspect the clothes and stains on them (if any) and decide on the cleaning agents suitable for the job.

Step 4: The cleaning process will begin.

Step 5: Once the clothes are dry-cleaned, the experts will inspect them again to ensure that they are perfectly clean.

Step 6: The clothes will be folded, ironed (if the materials allow ironing), and sent to your place.

We complete our job promptly and for extremely reasonable charges.

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