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Our dry cleaners uses some of the most modern and professional wet cleaning and dry cleaning equipment. Dry cleaning is done by professional European dry cleaning machine (Firbimatic) which is cleaning garments using Hydrocarbon. This solvent is more Eco-friendly, less allergic and does not leave any smell on garments in comparison with other prototypes (K4 and Perc).

Our dry cleaners also offers different promotions for our customers:

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Our dry cleaners has very reliable prices for dry cleaning services. Prime Time Cleaners rates are lower than other dry cleaning companies and the quality of dry cleaning is higher than other dry cleaners. The reason for this is that we do our own dry cleaning, which allows us to control the quality of the cleaning process and finished product.

20% OFF On First Order Online & $5 OFF for leaving a review on Yelp or Google. 

You want to look your best. You have a discerning eye for detail. You have delicate items with difficult stains. You want to preserve the life of your garments, and don’t want to deal with any lingering dry cleaning odor. Prime Time Cleaners can help. Committed to green dry cleaning, we use the non-toxic GreenEarth® dry cleaning solution and eco friendly wet cleaning techniques. One of NJ’s best green dry cleaners, Prime Time Cleaners provides custom tailoring, a fine shirt laundry, wedding dress cleaning, custom tailoring and alterations, leather cleaning and preservation and wash and fold services.  We clean everything from silk blouses and suits to unique items like handbags, bridal and evening gowns, linens, comforters and even Uggs boots which come back looking and smelling clean, without that chemical odor.

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