"The Prime Time Cleaners Story"

Prime Time Cleaners offers green dry cleaning and garment care services second to none. Each garment is individually hand processed to ensure a perfect finish every time. Our mission is to exceed our customer’s expectations by providing:

• Extraordinary care for each garment
• Unparalleled personalized customer service
• State of the art, eco friendly techniques

Our dry cleaners uses some of the most modern and professional wet cleaning and dry cleaning equipment. Dry cleaning is done by professional European dry cleaning machine (Firbimatic) which is cleaning garments using Hydrocarbon. This solvent is more Eco-friendly, less allergic and does not leave any smell on garments in comparison with other prototypes (K4 and Perc). There are some stains which can be removed by dry cleaning or wet cleaning machine only. First of all, after we examine your garment we determine the origin of the stain to figure out which chemicals to use to remove that stain. After that we have to figure out in which machine process to clean your garment to keep your clothes safe and intact, while simultaneously removing the stains. There are also certain clothes which have to be dry cleaned only, since regular wash will destroy the material. You may ask what must be done if there are stains on a piece of garment which is meant to be dry clean only, yet the stain requires a wet clean for removal; well fear not, our dry cleaners has yet another advantage in that our spotter has over 30 years of experience with every single stain you can come up with on any piece of clothing. This vast experience allows him the insight to remove the stain using the necessary chemicals within our dry cleaning store, and afterwards he decides whether the garment will go into the wet clean or dry cleaning cycle.

Our advantages

We are one of the most popular and demand dry cleaners service in Jersey City

By Request

Prime Time Cleaners do all work by request for you. We follow your directions carefully. We know our work very well and we proud of our results.

Eco Washers

We've installed NEW energy efficient washers and we encourage customers to use natural soap. You'll be glad to see your garment in new look.

Magic Results

Prime Time Cleaners offers premium laundry package done by our staff. There will be no frustraion caused by giving wrong washing instructions.

We are New Jersey GreenEarth® cleaner and utilize a non-toxic cleaning solution made from liquefied sand that is safe for you, your family and the environment. Garments cleaned by Prime Time Cleaners are delivered back to you clean and sanitized, without that lingering dry cleaning odor. And, because our cleaning solutions and laundry services are so gentle, your garments look and feel new much longer.

You can apply for picking up your garment right now clicking the button below or just call us:

Contact phone number: (347) 495-5320; (201) 721-6819


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John Craig Jersey City

“Prime Time Cleaners provides the best service with the most thoughtful, careful & honest employees.”

David Kruth Jersey

“Prime Time Cleaners is a very good cleaner. Best ever on dress shirts. (customer for a long time)”

Kate Rostberg Jersey City

“Prime Time Cleaners quality is second to none. I greatly appreciate their service, they have given me excellent service – especially with my husband’s dress shirts for work.”

Mohamed El Zhi New Jersy

"Prime Time Cleaners has wonderful service – great cleaning, and outstanding altering and tailoring! The associates that work there are very professional, and many times I can get my clothes back in 1 day!"

Eddie Lee Jersey City

"Good job! Everything was done as it must be. I'll be their regularly customer."

Ann Douglas New Jersey

"The made my wedding day! Very grateful! Tnks a lot guys!"